Pantonix 40 mg IV Vial

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Pantonix 40 mg IV Vial


By Pharmacovigilance applications, you can contact our Pharmacovigilance Department to get medical information about our products, to report side effects and to get information in case of emergency.
Unexpected related to drugs and / or adverse reactions, side effects, clear and non-application paths, drug license holder companies concerned in such cases to use and overdose in pregnancy or nursing mothers or directly to the Ministry of Health, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency can TÜFAM notification .
The toll-free telephone number +90 800 314 00 08, which can be used by Health Professionals to report adverse reactions to TÜFAM, has been put into service.
You can also fax to TÜFAM's fax number (+90 312 218 35 99) for adverse impact notifications. You can send your message to +90 549 449 1949 by calling +90 312 397 6570 Internal 17 during our working hours.
You can call +90 549 449 1949, +90 542 327 2860 or send your message to the following e-mail addresses for out-of-hours and weekend emergencies.
Fill in the form for your adverse reaction / adverse reaction report and send it to After filling out this form, you can also fax it to our fax number +90 312 397 88 75.

Side effect You can access the notification form under "FILES".
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